Transport protection of metal sheets and profiles - Dipack®

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The protective corrugated plastic is supplied as wrapping, cover and padding in order to protect and wrap up metal sheets and profiles. Sheets can be delivered with an integrated edge protection, thereby avoiding the use of edge strips. This is an economic, strong and weatherproof alternative to paperboard, cardboard, masonite and more.


  • Paper weight: 250-1000 g/m2
  • Depth: 2,0 – 4,0 mm
  • Sheet length: up to 8 m
  • Sheet width: up to 3 m


Dipack® is supplied as wrapping, cover and padding, and is used to protect and wrap light and heavy sensitive products. The product can also be supplied as adapted packaging, customised for a specific product.


  • 100% plastic material
  • Weatherproof
  • Unaffected by water, oil, grease etc.
  • Impact resistant
  • High tearing and wearing strength
  • Can be stored outdoors
  • Printing of text and logo is possible
  • Low weight – advantage for manual handling
  • Reduces number of rejects and waste
  • Dust-free and clean




The Dipack® material is made of durable PP plastic. The special structure of the material combines high strength and low weight.

Product adaptation:

Dipack® plate covers are supplied as sheets or rolls in fixed measurements or as adapted packaging. We are happy to help develop the perfect solution.