Round IBC bulk containers – Olicon® RP

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The round IBC bulk containers are used for chemistry, foods, medicine etc, and they provide safe transport, storage and stirring of liquid goods. They come in 3 sizes from 400 to 1000 litres. All pallet tanks have screw lids and can be handled with pallet lifters or forklifts. They are ideal for returns between suppliers and production. In empty transport 5 tanks can be stacked inside each other.


  • Made from pure and hygienic plastic
  • Ideal for returns between customers, suppliers, etc.


Product type:







RP 400 400 780 1120 24
RP 1000 1000 1160 1160 63



Tapping: 2'' ball valve on standard products from stock. 3" ball valve can be offered on special products.
Opening: 225 mm
Top screw lid: Detachable lid (screws off) enables full access to the complete width of the container
Color: Blue


  • Integrated pallet bottom for easy handling with pallet lifter and forklift
  • Very sturdy construction
  • In empty transport 5 containers can be stacked inside each other. This entails an 80% space reduction, because of the conic construction.


The smooth inner side make it easy to wash and clean the containers.


The container can be supplied with an Inliner and fastening flange at the tap and the opening.


  • Large storage and transport container – round, sturdy and stable
  • Because of the detachable top, the Olicon® RP can be stacked inside each other in up to 5 layers, which saves quite a lot of space. Furthermore, the lid provides easy access for filling, emptying and washing the container. The Olicon® RP can also be loaded with up to 42 pcs. 330/400 litres or 20 pcs. 800 litres containers in a 20 foot container.

Quality control:

The Olicon® RP IBC bulk container secures your product in production, internal handling, storage and transport.


The product is produced from 100% environment friendly and reusable plastic. When the used IBC bulk container is being discarded we offer responsible disposal and recycling.