Pallet box 1400 L – Olicon® SB

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This is the largest pallet box on the market; 1400 litres. The pallet box is made from foods approved, injection-moulded HDPE plastic. The sturdy pallet boxes can be used in production, storage and transport, and are suitable to be used for foods, waste, scrap and more. They can be supplied in either closed or perforated editions, and they have stacking edges for safe stacking for up to 7 layers.


  • Vegetables – carrots, peas, onions and more
  • Granulated plastic, waste, seeds, grain, etc.
  • Sorting of different materials


Product type:

Dimensions, externally


Dymamic load


Static load








SB 1311 1300 x 1150 x 1250 2000 7000 1000 1400 75 3 or 5 runners


  • Stacking edges for safe stacking in up to 7 layers
  • A tap can be installed
  • 4-way access with a forklift
  • Card holder for production card
  • Colours: Grey and light blue. Other colours are available with larger quantities

Customised versions:

  • Opening in 1 or 2 sides
  • Colours based on order


  • Approved to be in direct contact with foods
  • Pure plastic, will not rot, splinter, etc.
  • Easy to clean


The products is unaffected by water, oil and acids.


The product is produced from 100% environment friendly and reusable plastic. When the pallet box is being discarded we offer responsible disposal and recycling.